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Ansonia Clock Parts

There is a story behind every clock part that was used in the Ansonia clocks. The first thing that you should learn is about the movements of the clocks; they were made out of rolled brass, which by the way was manufactured in the beginning in Ansonia, Connecticut.

The metal industry that led up to the beginning of Ansonia Brass Company original started in New York, between two gentlemen named Anson Phelps and Elisha Peck. These gentlemen started one of the largest metal import businesses in New York; they named the company Phelps and Peck. The partnership carried on until the devastation of the collapse of their six story building on Cliff Street in New York. It wasn’t long after the collapse of their building that the business was dissolved.

In 1834 Mr. Phelps started a partnership with two of his son-in-laws, William Earl Dodge and Daniel James which formed. Phelps Dodge Company. This company was responsible for importing metals to New York. While the Phelps Dodge Company was the leading metal importer, Anson Phelps soon became the leader in the brass and copper industry.

These factors all came together eventually not only to start the Ansonia Brass and Copper Company but at the same time was the beginning of the Ansonia Clock Company. Mr. Phelps made the rolls of brass which was used to make the movements for his clocks. He not only created a demand for brass, but he also manufactured it.

Most Ansonia clock made before the 1880's will have Connecticut inscribed on the movement, any clock made after 1880 will have New York written on the movement. Just about every part that was made for the Ansonia clocks were made out of brass. You will also find the Ansonia name on most of parts as well as their trade mark. The trademark is the capital letter “A” inside a square, inside a triangle, which is located between the numbers on the dial and the hand movement. For more clock parts check out general clock parts
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