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Ingraham Banjo clocks

The Ingraham banjo clock was produced in the early 1900's, the clock was named after the famous musical instrument because of the way it looked when hung up on a wall. It's large white face at the top and the narrowing body, sometimes referred as the neck or throat, which points down to the floor, certainly does remind you some what of the banjo. At the bottom of the neck is a square box which has a door that allows you to set the pendulum. On most of the square boxes at the bottom of the clock you will usually find a print of a landscape or a nautical theme painted or etched. Most of the clocks are made out of a rich dark mahogany or walnut, either wood I find compliments the design of the clock very well. You will not only find white faces with brass numerals on most of the clocks but you can also find beautiful brass faces as well with black numerials. The clocks usually have either gold metal or wooden trim rails that grace each side of the tapered neck on the banjo clock. The clocks range from 20 inches to well over 40 inches in height. The top of most clocks have been accented with several different symbols one of the most popular symbols being the eagle. You will also find that many of the clocks necks have been etched with a design that match the print located on the square box were the pendulum is set. Most of the clocks are 8 day wind ups, some come with a chime and some without, it all depends on what you are looking for in this certain style. It is as charming and as stylish as the person that own banjo clocks. Collectible Coins
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